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OpenBOM Helps Leading Manufacturing Companies Solve The Bottlenecks Of New Product Development

Here are 3 elements that make OpenBOM valuable to companies and teams looking to improve collaboration and integrate with CAD, PLM, and ERP systems: 

  • Flexible Data Model capable of managing item master and information combined with product structure (Bill of Materials) with multiple views 
  • Unique real-time collaboration mechanism that allows you to seamlessly integrate data and people activities, simultaneously edit information and provide role-based access to the data bringing your team literally "on the same BOM" by accessing an entire set of data elements.
  • Seamless engineering and enterprise system integrations, out-of-the-box spreadsheet import/export, and open REST API allowing to easy integration with an existing data environment.  

Enterprise Software Is The Bottleneck In New Product Development

To win this race of who has the latest and best product on the market, companies are creating new product development units that are feverishly working away at new prototypes that eventually will join their well-known and top-selling product line.  

While it is a great idea, implementation is usually not that simple thanks to teams being forced to use old enterprise tools (Eg. ERP, PLM, etc.). These tools were deployed on-premise and implemented to support well-established business processes. 

Nothing wrong here, but as some of my colleagues in the industry says, there is no better way to stop the product development process than by introducing enterprise software tools into this process. 

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Customer Experience Speaks For Itself

“We just didn’t have processes in place to store non-CAD business information which was crucial to our product in our existing CAD / PDM system” says the lead engineer at the company. “So we put it in Excel. – and all the problems then flowed from that.

We had multiple places and Excel file copies which every member of the team must have access to. We couldn’t control access or maintain a master efficiently. As a result, everyone had to be an Excel VLookup expert or we would break this complicated table. The whole process was exhausting.

This time last year I personally spent 5 hours per week on BOM maintenance. It’s now 10 minutes a week. We see that same improvement with many of the lead engineers on the team.  OpenBOM frees the team to do the other things that are important.”

- Global Consumer Electronic Manufacturing (Fortune 500) Company

“We are moving steadily toward running the business on OpenBOM. It just works the way we want it to work. Naturally, and as a long-established company, we have a large backlog of existing products so migration to OpenBOM takes a systematic approach. In the end, we will have a fully digital representation of our products in Solidworks and OpenBOM”

- John Ellerbrock

“We needed to get out of the business of manually tracking BOM changes in a number of places. OpenBOM checked all the boxes for us because they were easy to set up and even had a free trial period to test it out”.

- Neha Godbole

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