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About the Demystifying Modern PLM

“Demystifying Modern PLM” is a four-part series for manufacturing companies, engineers, contractors, and suppliers who work in a modern online industrial world where they need to collaborate with teams located everywhere, and they must embrace the best technology to deliver innovative products.

In this series, the co-founders of OpenBOM™, a leading SaaS digital network-based global collaborative platform, and Share PLM, a leading education technology company, will focus on sharing their knowledge and experience of developing modern PLM systems.

These four sections will cover the Technology, Product, Marketing, and Education aspects of modern product development environments, and focus on best practices that both companies have gathered through their work with customers across the globe.

During This Series You Will Learn:

  • What modern PLM means in practical terms
  • The technological components that are used to build modern applications
  • Why you need to change your product definition to fit today’s market
  • Tips and tricks to navigate the tool selection process for cloud PLM software
  • Why you need a powerful adoption strategy to get your people on board
  • What you need to do to prepare your adoption strategy in practice

Meet Our Speakers...

Oleg Shilovitsky is CEO and co-founder of OpenBOM™, entrepreneur, and blogger at Beyond PLM. Shilovitsky has been building software products for data management, engineering, and manufacturing for the past 20 years. He has developed PDM / PLM software and worked for companies such as SmarTeam (acquired by Dassault Systèmes), Dassault Systèmes, Inforbix (acquired by Autodesk), and Autodesk. Shilovitsky is the author of the popular blog Beyond PLM where he shares his thoughts and discusses various engineering and manufacturing software topics.

- Oleg Shilovitsky - Co-Founder & CEO of OpenBOM

Helena is the co-founder and CEO of Share PLM, an education startup focused on helping companies improve their PLM system’s adoption. Over the last decade, Helena has helped hundreds of companies design their PLM deployment strategies. In these sessions she will help you understand what you can do to bring your people on board when it comes to modern PLM software.

- Helena Gutierrez - Co-Founder & CEO of Share PLM

Global engineering leader. Client-focused customer advocate, Skilled SaaS delivery of products & services. Agile product development expertise, Engineering & manufacturing process expertise,Team leader and consensus builder. C Level advisor and outstanding company ambassador.

- Steve Hess - Director Of User Experience at OpenBOM

Chris joined OpenBOM from the first day. His 30 years of experience in engineering and software architecture including leading engineering roles in companies EMC, Nokia, Everbridge. His passion in data management and semantic technologies connected him to Oleg’s previous startup and inspired them to start OpenBOM journey together.

- Chris Chaulk - OpenBOM Co-Founder, Chief Architect

Jared has extensive experience in manufacturing working in a variety of industries and companies in the manufacturing domain in the United States and China. Jared has deep knowledge in contract manufacturing. 

- Jared Haw - OpenBOM Business Executive

Marketing Manager & Content Specialist @SharePLM.  

- Heather Long - Digital Marketing

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